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The Creamery & Corner Garage

Located in the heart of Farwell, just down the street from the historic Church, lies the Creamery and Corner Garage. This delightful venue serves as an ideal setting for a wide variety of occasions, whether it's a cherished wedding reception, an intimate groom's dinner, a joyous baby shower, or any other celebration you can imagine! Flower gardens have been planted behind the Corner Garage by master gardeners and they are lovely spaces for gathering and taking photos.

Event Space Rental Cost:

Creamery & Corner Garage - $1,500

The Creamery

The 1930 Creamery was restored in 2021-2022 and is a charming venue for a bridal shower, gift opening, groom’s dinner, cocktail party, or small reception. It features a beautiful 100-year-old bar, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen and is connected to the Corner Garage by a small outdoor breezeway.

Sunlight floods this beautiful space through glass doors that line the South wall of the central room and bar area and lead out to a long patio and beautiful lawn and gardens.  

The Corner Garage

The 1920 Corner Garage had been out of service for many years before it was beautifully restored and turned into an event and community gathering space. Comfortably seating up to 100, it’s a unique and fun space for a wedding reception and dance or other event. The Corner Garage is connected to the beautifully restored Creamery next door (with bathrooms and a full kitchen) by a small outdoor breezeway.

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